What is the full form of APK & its pros and cons?

APK: Android Application Package

File Extension: .apk

open apk fileAn android application package is the file format utilized by the Android working system for distribution and establishment of use programming and middleware.

A program in android is first incorporated, and afterward the entirety of its parts is packaged into one single file to make it an APK file. It can be spared in packed compress group, with any decompression tool it tends to be opened. You can either change the extension to .zip or open the file directly utilizing unfastens tools. They are a kind of archive file. At the point when you are downloading and installing an apk then really you are installing an APK file. You can install an APK file straightforwardly from pc, or from inside a file supervisor application without downloading. As a matter of course, capacity to introduce from pc, or file director application is debilitated for security reasons. To enable it, you need to change the setting of ‘unknown sources’ from settings.

To make an APK file, a program for Android is first complied, and then of its parts are bundled into one file. An APK file contains the entirety of that program’s code, (for example, .dex files), assets, resources, certificates. Similar to the case with many file groups, APK files can have any name required, given that the file name ends in “.apk”


Advantages of APK:

  • Access any application which is blocked by some reasons in your area.
  • Enable the latest update from Google app store.
  • Get the latest features before the official release.


Disadvatages of APK

  • Android application package have the many risks, which are accociate with these files.
  • Threat of pirated application.
  • Beware from unknown sources to download the application.


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