Open ITHMB file extension and how to open it?

What is ITHMB file

open ithmb fileAn ITHMB file is a kind of data file that is used by the iPhones and also by the photo capable iPods which include a collection of thumbnail images that are saved in the media device. These files are used by the iPhones or iPods for browsing the images as well as organizing them in the photo management programs. While talking about the ITHMB file we should keep in mind that all the files that are having .ithmb file extension are the files that are created by Apple.  


ITHMB file extension

The purpose of the variety of the resolutions is to provide the way for the thumbnails to display on the different screen sizes. These files were original proprietors to the iPod, but still, they can also be used with the iPhone and iPad and many other different devices that run on iOS. The resolutions are displayed in the order so that it can be easily viewed while opening the ITHMB files.


Software that can open, convert or fix ITHMB file

convert ithmb file

  • Free file viewer
  • iTunes
  • iThmb converter
  • Picasa Photo Viewer
  • Photo Gallery


How to open ITHMB file

In windows:

  • You can open the files by using the Dec software ITHMB converter which is a software program that is designed to recover the images that are saved in the Apple devices.
  • This program is similar to the Windows operating system and is capable of working with image formats containing JPEG, BMP, and PNG.


open ithmb file in mac


How to open ITHMB file in windows 10

In the latest updated version of Windows 10, windows explorer has a section called Quick Access is present there which contains all your frequent folders and recent files. Explorer by default opens this page when you open up a new window.  If you rather it directly on your PC  which links to your drives and library folders, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a new windows explorer window
  2. Click on the view button in the ribbon.
  3. Click on options
  4. Under the general section choose “this PC” next to the “open file explorer to:”
  5. Click on OK button


How to convert ITHMB files to the local folder

  1. Select the “Find ITHMB cache folder” button from the file menu bar
  2. Choose the hard drive or portable drives for locating the folder by verifying their respective flags generally, the folder is created in the system drive.
  3. After clicking on the Find button the program will start searching for the folder. This process can take several minutes to search depending on the size of your drives.
  4. After the completion of the searching process, it will display found index files and the location of the folder in the dialogue window.
  5. Choose the folder from the dialogue window. This will automatically grab the focus in the left panel of the folder browser of the ITHMB converter’s main window.
  6. All ITHMB files of the folder are located in the center panel.
  7. You can convert the selected thumbnail image file from the ITHMB collection by selecting Convert from the File menu or you can also directly double click on the selected thumbnail.
  8. If you can see the contents of the file or if the program is displaying the conversion error to it you can try to select the decoding method manually.


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