Open AHK file and how to open it on mac/window?

open ahk fileAHK is the acronym of Auto Hot Key creates a script. It is a program used for mechanizing tasks in windows. The scripts that are prepared by AHK can be used for the different variety of tasks, like auto-clicking locations, filling forms and macros.  These files are generally saved as a plain text file and include lines of code that can be executed by Auto Hot Key. These scripts may also include hotkeys which we call the keyboard shortcuts as well as the hot springs which replaces certain strings while typing automatically.


As these AHK files are saved in the plain text they can be opened and edited by any normal text editors like Microsoft Word pad, Notepad. Therefore editing the AHK file will not allow the script to run in Auto Hot Key. A file having the. AHK file extension is an Auto Hot Key Script file. There are various number of programs that can help you in opening the AHK files, some of them are listed below:

  • Ahk2Exe.exe
  • AutoHotKey.exe
  • Compile_AHK.exe
  • Fvp.exe
  • Notepad.exe
  • Notepad++.exe


Software that opens AHK files

On Windows

  • File Viewer Plusahk files
  • AutoHotKey


On Android

  • File Viewer For Android


On Mac

  • Click on file icon.
  • Choose more info.
  • Search the file type mentioned under “ Kind”.


How to open AHK files?

The AHK file extension is used by the different file types as well as the different programs, some times it becomes very difficult to find out which of the program is to be used. So when you need to open an AHK file, firstly start with by just double-clicking on it, and if it does not gets open or you may find any of the error messages follow with these steps.


Step 1:- Using Different Software Programs

What is the issue if you are not able to open the AHK file by double-clicking on it? The answer is that you don’t have the right program installed on your computer. What you can do is start installing some of the common programs that are associated with opening these AHK files. This software can be easily available from the developer’s website.


Step 2:- As a Hint Use File Type

AHK files are generally uncommon files that look for a particular program that opens especially these file types. If you are not sure with the file type you need to first understand the type of the file within the AHK file itself.

  • Right-tap on the file icon;
  • Choose the “Properties” command from the drop-down list.
  • Search the File Type mentioned under ” Type of File”.


how to open ahk files


Step 3:-Ask Developer

When you are unable to open the AHK file after every possible step, the very last option is to contact the developer of a particular software  only the developer can provide you the best option or advice to open the file


Step 4:- Use of Universal file viewer

Last but not the least, even if the developer is unable to help you out in opening an AHK file. Without putting any thought in your mind check out the Universal File Viewer like File Magic which can support any file format and will easily open up your file(No matter in which file format it is) but you need to keep this in mind that some files are incompatible so they will still get opened but in binary format.


How to convert AHK file?

  • To make the Auto Hot Key files run without any difficulty AHK files need to be converted in the EXE file format install the AHK software.
  • It is the quickest method to do which is to right-click on the AHK file and then select the compile script option. 
  • AHK file can also be converted with the help of the Ahk2Exe program contained in the installation folder of AHK files that lets you select the custom icon of the file.
  • There is a program that is similar to AHK that is AutoIt but it uses the file formats AUT and AU3.
  • Converting AHK to AUT/AU3 is not soo easy therefore you have to rewrite the complete script in AUT/AU3.


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