Open CAD file and how to open it on window?

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. These files may include the 2D or 3D image designs. These kinds of images are developed by CAD software programs, that are used for creating architecture plans and models. 2D CAD files are known as drawings whereas 3D files are known as parts, models, or groups.

open cad file

CAD software has been developed for increasing the productivity of the designer, improvement in the communication via documentation, also to improve the quality of design and creating the database for manufacturing. The output of the CAD files is usually in the form of electronic files for several manufacturing options like printing, machining, etc. the term CADD is also used i.e. computer-aided design and drafting.

It is used for Electronic Design Automation(EDA) which is a process of designing electronic systems. Similarly, Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) is a process of designing mechanical design systems or Computer Aided Drafting(CAD) which is a process of creating a technical drawing with the help of computer software.

How to open CAD files?

Method 1: – Using Microsoft Visio method

  • The very first step is to Launch Microsoft Visio
  • Click to file and open it
  • Select “ AutoCAD drawing”
  • Then shiver to the CAD file you want to open
  • Click open on itopen cad files

Method 2:- Using A360 Viewer method

  • Shiver to the A360 Viewer page
  • Click on the title “ Upload your design’’
  • Drag and drop your CAD file into the window on the A360 Viewer page

Method 3:- Using AUTOCAD360 method

  • shiver to the AutoCAD360
  • Select the option for downloading AutoCAD360 for your device
  • Download and install AutoCAD, in a similar manner as you would do for any other app
  • Launch AutoCAD360 on your device after the completion of the installation
  • Later Select the CAD file you want to open

cad files 

Method 4:- troubleshooting

  • Try opening the CAD file using a newer version of AutoCAD
  • Quit any third-party applications that are running inside AutoCAD, if you cannot open a CAD file.
  • Verify, that the file originated from AutoCAD if it still fails to open

How CAD files are viewed on mobile?

In today’s era, where any number of functions and programs require a PC can also be accessed via mobiles and CAD is no different. The most leading companies of this particular field have now made it their topmost priority to create the applications that allow a large number of users to run the functions like viewing, edit and even create CAD files on your mobiles.

Applications given below are the most basic CAD apps:-

  • CAD pockets
  • DWG Fast view
  • AutoCAD 360
  • On Shape
  • e-Drawings Pro

These apps allow the user to view the file and also they can make changes into the file.

What is CAD data and formats?

CAD Data

CAD systems are known for generating digital data. The CAD datasets differ from each other in their sizes, scale, and level of detail, they represent the information about the project what is inside the building or about the survey of a projected grid zone.

CAD file Formats

CAD is a file format that is an image file format that is been used by AutoCAD. AutoDesk created AutoCAD which creates 2D and 3D images. CAD files are known for drafting information as well as holding information about these images.

CAD Standards

These standards are the set of basic guidelines for the way.

Some of the  graphic standards

  • GKS
  • CORE
  • VDI
  • D MIS
  • DXF
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • GKSM


Types of modeling data

  • Shape data
  • Nonshape data
  • Design data
  • Manufacturing data


Classification of CAD 

  • Communication standards
  • Computing and graphic standards-GKS, OpenGL
  • Data Exchange standards-IGES, DXF, STEP, CALS


Need for CAD standards

  • Standards are needed for exchanging graphics data between different computer systems.
  • It also exchanges the drawing database among software packages.
  • it is also required for the portability of the geometric model among different hardware platforms.
  • Need for the graphic data exchange formats and their details.


Uses of CAD

  • CAD is one of the important tools amongst a large number of tools used by the designers and engineers and is used in numerous ways that depend on the profession of the user and the type of software and question.
  • CAD is a part of the (DPD) whole digital product development activity within the (PLM) product lifecycle management processes. It is used together with the other tools, which are either stand-alone products or integrated modules such as :
  1. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) and analyzing the finite element.
  2. Photorealistic rendering and motion simulation.
  3. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) consists of instructions to (CNC) computer numerical control machines.

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