Open CDR file & How to open it on mac/window?

A CDR file is the vector graphics file that stores the data of the virtual image which can be also compressed. The image is encoded and manipulated by the vector editing software applications. The files which are saved with the cdr extension are designed for use with Corel applications. It is a vector image that is created with the CorelDraw application. It also contains the page layout setting and vector illustrations.

open cdr file

Cdr file consists of lines, images, colors and the effects in the document. It is used for the creation of various types of documents, letters, web pages, etc. The CDR file format is developed and designed by Corel corporation This format is the default format of Corel draw application.

When you save the documents in the CDR extension file format then CorelDraw creates a file that stores the data of the document. The file can be easily saved only by selecting the file then save.

How to open CDR extension file?

The CDR extension file can be opened as :

  • Create a new document

Open the CorelDraw application and select on the new document and also select the size and color of the canvas which you want.

  • Select the CDR extension file

Click on the file then import the file which you want to open. Then the browser of the file will appear and then click on the file which you want to import and click import option.

  • Position the image

With the help of the cursor select the image which you want to place into the file and then drag the image with the help of cursor on the canvas.

  • Edit your CDR file

You can edit your data or the image into the application.

  • Save your document

The file is to be saved into the computer in the CDR format. It should be done before closing the application and save on the location which you want.

how to open cdr file

Most of the CDR files are created by the CorelDraw application. As the CorelDraw has the proprietary format of cdr so that it is used for editing it. Many image editing programs and software does not support the cdr extension file format. The cdr format file can be exported into different formats in the CorelDraw application such as .pdf, . jpg, .png etc.

If you don’t have CorelDRAW installed, you can download it from the official website or by other means.

For the opening of the CDR file format, the CorelDraw is the best software or application as it does not deteriorate the quality of the image. It does not carry any loss in the information with file conversion on other platforms. For conversion of CDR file extension file to other formats like .jpg, .pdf or other formats the quality of the information is lost.

Now the Corel draw supports different features for text and support for different colors.


Changing the only file name does not change the file format. For changing or conversion, only special software is used and can only change it.

By renaming the only file format you can not change the format of the file.

Some key features

  • It shares the creations anywhere with file compatible which may be market-leading file.
  • It has a very large variety of media for the output from which they get the distinctive logo and the signature for striking the marketing materials. The web graphics, car wraps, and other things are also having a very large output source.
  • In this, you can set the page layout that means you can adjust the length and width of the page.
  • It also has a feature of photo editing and tracing.
  • The animations and vector illustration can also be done with this.

More Information

You can save your file as a template so that whenever you want to use the layout then you can open it and can reuse the document layout.

  • For the creation of the template, you can go to select the file then save as template option and save the layout as a .cdt file
  • For the creation of a .cdr extension file with apple disk utility, first, select the convert option and then open the image file which you want to create in the form of the file. Then select the DVD/CD master from the menu option and then click on the save option.

How to Convert a CDR File?

The CDR format files can be converted into other similar formats like pdf, jpg, al and other with the help of online free converter and like zamzar and it can also be converted by opening these into there supported application and which can open it like CorelDraw then save it into another format. As the formatting will not match after the conversion of the file.

convert cdr file

Convert CDR to ISO in Mac Operating system by using the  command line and replace the file and path name with yours:

Save a CDR file into the disc then choose to write the image file to a disc option and then select the CDR extension file format as the source file.

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