Open Crdownload File And How to Open it in Mac/Window?

Open crdownload file

                CRDOWNLOAD is a short-term file extension used by the Chrome web browser. Files having this extension are called Chrome Partial Download files, so detecting one of this type means that this file isn’t completely downloaded.

Partial downloads are due to either the file is still under the process of downloading by Chrome or the downloading process was stopped, and so it’s only a half, incomplete file.


The CRDOWNLOAD file extension is used by the Chrome when it is vigorously downloading something; it will generally remove the .crdownload portion automatically once the download finishes.

A CRDOWNLOAD file is being made in this format: .crdownload,  For example, if you’re downloading an MP3, it may be something like sound files.mp3.crdownload or unconfirmed 1433.crdownload.


How to Open a Crdownload File?

CRDOWNLOAD files are not opened in any program because they are just a byproduct of Google’s Chrome web browser — something that is produced by the browser but not used by the browser.

However, if a file is being downloaded in Chrome has been interrupted, and the download has been stopped, so before you try to open a partial download file, First you have to find in your Chrome Downloads to see if you can resume download of it. If you cannot, then below, we have described how to open the CRDOWNLOAD file on the system; a similar approach would work on any operating system which supports the Mozilla Firefox. The same procedure will also be a chase for a PART of file or PARTIALLY downloaded files for the Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer.


Here we can see an example of the incompletely downloaded file. This download could be resumed by navigating to the Chrome -> Window -> Downloads. Even though the record has not been downloaded completely, it may be still possible to open the CRDOWNLOAD file and view that what is inside it, it may always be possible to use the remaining part of the downloaded. This can be done by just removing the “CRDOWNLOAD” suffix from a file name. It is renaming a CRDOWNLOAD File.


crdownload file


With an example, we can see as a file has been stopped downloading, say one called sound file.mp3.crdownload, the downloaded part of the audio file could still be playable if you rename it to soundfile.mp3.

It will depend on how long the file will take to download (like if you are currently downloading a more large video file), you can open the CRDOWNLOAD file in the program that will ultimately be used to open the file, even though the whole thing is not yet saved to your computer. As an example, say if you are downloading an AVI file. You can use the VLC media player for opening the CRDOWNLOAD file regardless of whether it is just started downloading, is halfway finished, or is nearly completed. In this example, we can see that VLC will play whatever part of the file that is currently downloaded, which means you can watch a video if and only if when after you have started downloading it. The video will be continuing to play, so long as the downloading of the file in Chrome will continue.


This setup is mainly providing the video stream directly into VLC. However, since VLC does not understand CRDOWNLOAD files like an ordinary file (video or audio file), you have to take out and drop the CRDOWNLOAD into the open VLC program for the playing of the CRDOWNLOAD file. Opening a CRDOWNLOAD file in this way is only helpful for data that you can use in a “start to end” manner, like videos or music files, which have a starting, middle, and ending of the data. Image files, documents, archives, etc., probably may not work.


How to Convert a CRDOWNLOAD File?

open crdownload files


CRDOWNLOAD files are, however, not in their final form, so they can not be converted to another format. It will not be vital if you are downloading a document, music files, videos, etc. if the whole record is not there, and thus the CRDOWNLOAD extension is appended to the end; there is no use in trying to transform the incompletely downloaded file. This means that there is not any way to convert a CRDOWNLOAD file into PDF, MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.


Though, keep in the mind that what you have understood above about changing the file extension to that of the file you are downloading. Once you have saved the file with the proper file extension, you might be able to use a free file converter to convert it to a different format.

With an example, we can see as if that is a partially downloaded video file that is only usable in some form; then, you might be able to plug it into a video file converter for saving it into a new format. Though, if this is to work, you have to change the extension in the name of the file .MP4.CRDOWNLOAD to.MP4.

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