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Open EPUB file & how to open it on mac/window

epub file EPUB stands for ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS, it is supported by the number of e-readers, and the software compatible with it is available for most of the smartphones, tablets, and computers. EPUB is published by the IDPF which stands for the International Digital publishing forum.  In September 2007, EPUB became an official standard of IDPF  by replacing the older standard of opening the paper books with the e-books.


EPUB files can be downloaded and read on your smartphones, tablet, e-reader or computer. Ebooks standard supports more hardware e-book readers than any other file format. The latest EPUB version is EPUB 3.1 as it supports embedded interactivity, audio, and video

File extension.EPUB
Internet media typeApplication/EPUB + ZIP
Magic numberPK\X03\X04(ZIP)
DeveloperIDPF(international digital publishing forum)
Format typee-book file format
IncludingOEBPS container format
StandardISO/IEC PS 30135
Extended fromOpen e-book, XHTML, CSS, DT book
Open format?Yes
Initial releaseSeptember,2007,12 years ago
Latest release3.1 (January 5, 2017, 2 years ago)


How to open an EPUB FILE

Method1:- On windows

  • Using Microsoft edge
  • open epub file

    Open caliber website

  • Tap on download
  • Click windows and click on download caliber
  • Now, install the caliber and launch it
  • Navigate by caliber setup
  • Click ad books
  • Add an EPUB file to the caliber and open it


Method2:- On Mac

  • Select an EPUB file and click on the file
  • Now, Select Open with
  • Click on i- books
  • Open your EPUB file

epub on mac


Method3:- On android

  • Install google playbooks and open it
  • Tap on the menu button
  • Click settings
  • Check the ‘’Enable PDF uploading ‘’ box
  • Send your android
  • Open your email app in your android
  • Open the EPUB email and tap on EPUB attachment
  • Start reading your e-book


Method 4:- Transfer EPUB file to kindle

  • Convert EPUB file to MOBI file format
  • Copy the MOBI file
  • Turn your Kindle to your computer and open it
  • Open the documents folder and paste in the MOBI file
  • Wait for the MOBI file to finish the transferring process
  • Eject your kindle


Method 5:- Converting EPUB to PDF

epub files

  • save your EPUB file to a known folder
  • open the EPUB converter website
  • Click on the converter EPUB to PDF
  • scroll down and click on add file
  • select the EPUB file and open
  • click start upload and download the PDF


Method 6:- On iPhone

  • Make sure that you iPhone consists of EPUB file
  • Open the file location of EPUB file
  • Click on EPUB file
  • Tap on my books tab
  • Open the EPUB file


How to convert the EPUB file

epub converter

  • caliber is the first program for converting the EPUB file into any other file format. It converts the file into many other file formats and also allows the other file formats to convert themselves in EPUB file format. Including the one similar to the amazon kindle. Some supported conversions are: EPUB to FB2, LIT, LRF, RTF, TXT, PDB, MOBI, PDF, HTML and SNB.
  • Another easy way to create an EPUB file from the many other different file formats like AZW, TCP, and others is using the online ebook converter
  • Another online EPUB converter is Zamzar. You can use the website for converting the EPUB file to PDF, TXT, FB2, and many other formats.
  • You can try to open an EPUB file into the ebook readers and choose to save or export the opened file as another file format.



1 Reflowable document: optimizing the text for the particular display.

2 Fixed-layout content: pre-planned content that can be very useful for certain kids as they are made keeping in mind about the kids only. Such content is only intended for larger screens such as tablets.

3 like an HTML website, this format also supports the vector images, metadata, and CSS styling.

4-page bookmark

5 Passage highlighting and notes

6 A library for storing books and search

7 Re-sizable fonts, and for changing  text and background colors

8 Digital rights management-contains DRM as an optional layer.



EPUB is majorly used on software readers such as Google Play Books on Android and AppleBooks on iOS and macOS, but not by the Amazon Kindle e-readers. iBook also supports the iBook format, which is based on the EPUB format but it depends upon the code received from the iBook app to function.


Data Interchange

The EPUB  format is the popular format for the creation of ebook as it is an open format and is based on HTML, as opposed to Amazon’s format for Kindle readers.


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