Open IRC file and how to open it?


What is an IRC file?

A large number of users submit us information daily about the programs they use to open for opening the particular file. IRC was created in August 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen to replace a program called MUT, i.e. MultiUser Talk on a BBS called OuluBox in Finland at the University of Oulu, where he used to work at the department of information processing science.

open irc file

The chat process always works on a client/server networking model. Who are the IRC clients?. IRC clients are generally those computer programs that users can easily install on their systems or we can also say that they are also web-based applications that run either locally on the browser or on a third-party server. These clients usually communicate with chat servers so that they can transfer the messages to other clients.

IRC Networks

The largest network of IRC has been traditionally grouped as the “Big Four”. The Big Four networks change periodically which means from time to time, but due to the nature of the community of IRC there are a huge number of other networks for the users to choose from.



  1. EFnet
  2. IRCnet
  3. Undernet
  4. DALnet


How to open an IRC file?

There are four ways to open an IRC file:

Method 1:  Use another program

while double-clicking on the IRC file if you are not able to view the file then you can try to open it in some another program. The most popular programs used for opening the IRC files are jiRCii script, IRCAM format sound, and Nevo Infrared Device Code.

how to open irc file

Method 2:  Get a clue from the file type

One single file extension can be used to open multiple types of files. By knowing the type of the file you can help them to find out how to open it. The IRC files are mostly categorized as uncommon Files, that can be easily opened by a large number of software packages. Look if you have a program that is already installed on your computer which is usually designed to open uncommon files. Then hopefully, this program may also work with your IRC file.


Method 3:- Contact a Developer

Except software developers no one else knows more about the file extensions. If your IRC  file is not opening using the general programs, you can contact the software developer of the program and asl them for helping you. Find your program’s developer in the list below:

                     Software                    Developer
JiRCii script Raffi
IRCAM format sound Unknown
Nevo Infra-red Device Code Universal Electronics inc.


Method 4:- Get a universal file viewer

When you are unable to open up the IRC file with any other program, Universal file viewers like File magic are available here to save your rest of the day. These programs are capable of opening up the many different types of files, so if none of your methods work on opening the IRC file, your ay is here to go, i.e. Universal file viewer. Just note this point that some of the files are not compatible with the universal file viewers and can only be opened in the binary format.


File sharing with IRC

You must he chatted with your friend’s number of times. Now, whats more? One of the best things about IRC can be used for a lot more than just simply chatting. File sharing via IRC is more advanced than AOL’s Instant messenger client. With the help of IRC, users can easily share extremely large files, and can also resume a paused downloading process if necessary.

When is IRC file sharing useful for? As you can share or download anything you or you are interested in. maybe you want to show all your friends an iMovie of your new puppy that is made by you, or you wanted to share the digital photographs of your last vacation-IRC file-sharing make all these functions very easier to access for your friends as well as you. IRC file-sharing also makes it possible for you to download at your leisure, without swamping your email with a huge number of attachments. The fact of the matter is that they also share all types of illegal files that occur through the IRC channels, though that illegal file-sharing does not detract from the many legal issues that also take place.


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