Complete Guide on JSON File Extension: How to Open JSON File

What is JSON File?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation; these are the simple sets of data stored in JSON format. The JSON file format is the format based on the text. Also, it is very lightweight and has a format readable by humans. The JSON format is also known as the standard data interchange file format. Jason format contains the file extension .json similar to the XML file format.

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Initially, JSON file extension was based on JavaScript subset and but considered as the language-independent format. It gets support from many programming APIs. JSON file format is used in the programming of Ajax Web program mostly, and today, it’s the most popular alternative to the XML file format.

Many programs use JSON file format to interchange the data with apk file, but not many of them save it as the interchange occurs between the systems connected with the internet. But some other different programs, such as Google+, make the users able to save those JSON files. Google+ uses JSON files to save the data of a profile. 

You can download the profile data by selecting the data liberation page and then select the option of downloading profile data. Like Google+, Firefox also uses JSON file extension to store the backup copy of bookmarks created by users. If you lose your bookmark’s information, you can still recreate it by using information from a JSON file.

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Windows Program that can Open JSON Files

  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Microsoft WordPad
  • Notepad ++
  • File Viewer Plus
  • Mozilla Firefox

How to Open JSON File in Windows

To open a JSON file in Windows, you can try it with Microsoft Notepad. What will be the steps to open the file:

  1. Firstly, open the Start Menu.
  2. Then type Notepad in the search bar and hit the Enter key to open it.
  3. Once you click on the Notepad button, a new blank Notepad will open up.
  4. To open a JSON file, you first need to either click on the File menu and select the “open” button, or you can press the Ctrl+O with the help of the keyboard.
  5. A popup asking you to locate the JSON file will load, where you need to select the “All Files” from the dropdown menu.
  6. Search the local drives, open the individual JSON file after double click on it, or press the button from the loaded Open Window.
  7. Complete data stored as the JSON file format shall get load up in the Notepad.
  8. Now you can edit, save and share the files according to your choices.
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Mac Programs that can Open JSON Files

  • Apple TextEdit
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • MacVim
  • Bare Bones Text Wrangler

How to Open JSON File in Mac

To open a JSON file in Mac, we can choose any of the programs listed above; here, we will discuss how to open a JSON file in Mac using Apple TextEdit.

  1. Firstly, tap the “LaunchPad” icon.
  2. Then type Apple TextEdit in the search bar to load the exact search menu.
  3. Then tap the icon which says “TextEdit” to open the application.
  4. Then in the next step from the loaded window, click on the “New Document” button located at the bottom left corner of the loaded window.
  5. A new blank document will load up.
  6. Navigate the File Menu and press the “Open” button to open the JSON file.
  7. Then visit the same directory that contains the JSON file and then open it by pressing the “Open” button.
  8. Now you can read the content of the JSON file.

How to Open JSON Saved files in Android

To open the JSON file format already saved file in the Android, tablet, or a smartphone via e-mail or any of the messenger platform, follow the step-by-step guide to open them at ease.

  1. Firstly, open the Google Play Store of your running android device.
  2. Type JSON in the search bar and touch the search icon button.
  3. After that, the list of all the applications will load up specifically developed to open the JSON files.
  4. Read out the reviews that are posted along the application to understand the genuine levels before installing them.
  5. Once the application gets installed on your android device, you can then open it, browse the file directory, locate the saved JSON file, and then open it at your convenience.

How to Open JSON files on Web Browser

  1. Firstly, open the web store on the web browser using the programs option menu or by directly using this link.
  2. Then type JSON View in the search bar.
  3. You will get the different extensions, same as the JSON View, to open the JSON file format.
  4. Amongst multiple extension options, select the ‘JSONView’ extension and then add it to the web browser by simply clicking on Add to Chrome.
  5. The above process would ask for confirmation by opening a popup box.
  6. Then tap the Add button once the extension gets added to the browser, and then restart it to enable it and use the extension.
  7. Open the JSONView file extension from a web browser and then mark the “Allow access to file URLs” to permit access to JSON and other files by the extension.
  8. After setting all the settings, go to the folder where the JSON files get store in your system.
  9. Right-tap on the selected JSON file and select the Properties to change the program to open up the file.
  10. The next step is to change the Open with other programs such as Photo Viewer or Microsoft Notepad to Google Chrome by choosing from the changed dropdown menu.
  11. Then just after selecting the web browser to open the JSON file, tap the OK button and then close the window.
  12. Lastly, double-tap the JSON file to open it with the JSONView file extension added in the web browser.

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