Open NON-file And How To Open It on Mac/Window?

One way that is just speculating and attempts to change the file extension to the different file types and afterward attempt to open the file. This occasionally fills in as though somebody says that they are messaging you a Word document, however because of certain reasons, the file doesn’t have any extension. You could attempt to change a .doc or .docx extension, and it will presumably open. However, in the event that you don’t have any thought that what kind of file it is, at that point attempting a lot of various extensions is just an exercise in futility. Also, on the off chance that you might not have the appropriate application introduced for that file type with which it is related, so regardless of whether you have changed it to the correct one, it will still not open.

open non file

We can see as though the file has a PSD file extension and you attempt to open it without having Photoshop introduced in your gadget, you may erroneously find that it’s not the right file extension.

In the article, we will examine a quick and progressively legitimate approach to decide the kind of file you may have. Your information may be of an alternate kind, however the technique continues as before for any information.

With the help of a HEX Editor

We know that the HEX editor may be sound somehow geeky and technological, but in reality, it’s not that bad. There is a program XVI32; it is a freeware program, which you don’t even need to install for using it. You can download it and run the EXE file.

Hex Editor

Hex viewer is available on the left side, and on the right side, there is the information assessor. The information overseer changes over hex qualities into the genuine information values. It is practically difficult to understand anything on the hex side, so don’t make a bother over it.

On the data side, a large portion of the information will likewise not bode well, yet as a rule, there will be a couple of basic bits of the content that will reveal to you that with what type of file you are working. In my first model, I opened a Word file in which I have evacuated the .docx extension. This is what it looked like in XVI32.

Word Doc Hex Editor

The first place is to look is at the very top of the data inspector. As you can see, we can see.XML, which means that this is an XML file. Then as we, can see XML, this is a Word document.

Technically, all the word documents are XML files in Office 2010. All of the content of a Word document is undoubtedly stored inside of an underlying XML file, which is why you see that there.

Though, if you scroll down a little in the data inspector, you will see the following at the end of one of the paragraph sections.

Word Doc XML

There you will at long last observe the word and the document, which will disclose to you that it is a Word archive. A portion of the types of like Word documents are marginally harder to make sense of on account of the underlying XML structure, yet you need to continue looking over and to look, and you’ll make sense of it. The other file types are clear.
On the privilege at the highest point of the main line, there is PDF, so you realize you are working with a PDF file. Overly simple What’s more, here is what it resembles when opening a PNG picture file:

  • Again, it is straightforward to figure out as the PNG is written right side at the very top of the data.
  • When you try out an MP3 file to see what it looked like.
  • This one is a little harder, but if you look at the very top and Google any three or four-letter combos that happen to be in all caps, you will find it out.
  • As there you can see, ID3 pops up at the very first line. Even though it does mean MP3, ID3 gives you a considerable hint because ID3 is the metadata that stores all the data about a music file like the artist name, title, album, released year, etc.
  • So by seeing ID3, you can guess it is an MP3 file. Also, you see other hints like any file name “GK Tune Records,” which means it is maybe any audio file.

Some More File Extension Database:

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