PNG File Reducer: How to Open PNG File?

What is PNG File?

PNG stands for the Portable Graphics Format. PNG files, used to uncompressed raster image format on the internet the lossless data compression file format created to replace the GIF files (Graphics Interchange Format). PNG file is an open format with no copyright limitations in it.  Such as GIF images, PNG which also can show transparent backgrounds. PNG files are also capable of consisting of 24-bit RGB color palettes and greyscale images.

png file

Different Ways to Open PNG File

  • Wonder share Uni Converter Software
  • Mac

Part 1: Open PNG File Using Wonder share Uni Converter

  • Firstly, Launch the Uni Converter Software:

Download the software on the PC, and then install and launch the software.

  • Add the PNG Files:

Click on the Toolbox function and then select the Image Converter option. You can then click on the Add Images tab or drag and drop the image file to upload the PNG file.

  • Preview the PNG Image File:

right-click on the PNG image file and then click on the Preview option to see the image to access editing options and then do the certain changes in the PNG file if required.

convert png file


  1. It gives the conversion at 30x fast speed.
  2. It also offers support for the vast video library.
  3. You can also use the batch processing feature to convert a bunch of images at a time.


  1. The software does not optimize for multiple platforms.
  2. To get access to the advanced editing options, you will have to go for the paid version.

Part 2: steps to Open PNG File in Mac

  • Firstly, select the PNG File:

choose the PNG image file you wish to open to review.

  • Use the Preview button to open PNG in Mac:

right control-click on the PNG image file and then choose the Preview button. Here you can easily view the PNG files in Mac without downloading any program.

How to open png file

Methods to Open PNG File

Method 1: By Using Computer

  • Browse for the File and right-click on it:

A menu will suddenly drop down from your cursor. The method works for both the OS: Windows and Mac computers, although the application titles may differ.

  • Click on the Open With Option:

Another menu will get appear, which lists all the compatible applications, including the Paint and Preview.

  • Click on the Paint button or Preview tab:

The image file will open in either of these applications. You can then select to search the store for the more compatible applications—generally the last item on the list.

Method 2: By Using a Mobile Device

  • Firstly, open the My Files or Files tab:

The wording of the name of the application may get vary according to the software version you use.

  • Browse and then click on the File:

You will first take towards the top of the tree or the main folder of the local storage. When you click on the folder name, you will then taken to that folder.

  • The image file will open in the default image application.

Compress PNG file via Web Browsers

  • There is a file size limitation for some file formats, but it should never a concern if you convert single PNG images. No one should go into the hundreds of megabytes.
  • Aside from the online PNG conversions, we can also take the files from the Microsoft Office family and then, of course, PDF.
  •  As long as you convert the digital document to the Portable Document File Format, you can then use the tool suite to alter the File to your liking.

Steps to Compress PNG File Online

  1. Firstly, start with the Compress Tool – upload the PNG image file.
  2. On the next page, click on the JPG file format.
  3. Then wait for the conversion to get the finish.
  4. Lastly, download the compressed PNG file now in JPG file format.

Why compress PNG Images?

  • PNG image files should compress because some large files are a pain to send or the editor to convert them in any other file format.
  • The compressed files are much easier to store the files on the Operating System.
  • A wide collection of the data generally comes up with the need to export them to an external hard drive to save some more space.

Steps to Convert PNG File

Rather than the applications that open the PNG file, the File can also get opened by converting it to some other file format. So you can either directly convert the PNG file or use a tool to convert it.

  1. Firstly, open the Microsoft Paint program on your system, and when you click on the file option to open the PNG file, you wish.
  2. Once it gets done, you again need to click on the file option, and then from the menu, you click on the save as option.
  3. Then enter the name of the File you wish for, and when it comes to the file type, you have to enter the file extension you wish.
  4. Once all done, you have to save the changes and then open the new File in whatever application you want your File to open.

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