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Open PPTX File & How to open it on mac/window?

pptx file

PPTX file is the extension file in Microsoft PowerPoint with .pptx extension. Open XML, and these files are utilized to store slide show introductions. On the off chance that we need to compress the substance of files, at that point PPTX files use a mix of XML and ZIP. These files contain arranged content, questions, various slides, pictures, recordings, and more. You can open these files in OpenOffice Impress, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote.



How to Open a PPTX File?

Google gives a free program extension that functions as a PPTX viewer and editorial manager that runs directly inside the Chrome program. So you can open PPTX files that are now in your PC by dragging into the program and also any PPTX file you open from the web. This program extension additionally supports different MS Office formats like XLSX and DOCX. With the assistance of the File unzip tool, you can extricate pictures from the PPTX file. You can utilize any projects like 7-Zip to open the PowerPoint file. You can likewise duplicate out any photos you need to remove from the PowerPoint file.


How To Open Pptx File In Android:

You can open PPTX file in your android phone by Quick office provided by Google that provides you the support for opening the pptx file. You can easily install this File or app on the Google Play Store. You can also open files in Microsoft Office Mobile (Android Apps), which are available on the Google Play Store.



Open PPTX File on Mac OS:

You can open a PPTX file on Mac operating system by using Microsoft OneDrive presentation import and editing capabilities. You will open your File quickly by following these steps:


● Open your favorite browser and navigate to Microsoft OneDrive by typing.


● Open your OneDrive account by Sign in or Sign up for a new account, and then the OneDrive interface will load. Place your PPT or PPTX file where you want to place it. Click on the “Upload” button and select a file you want to upload and click “Open.” After the File is uploaded, you can open it by clicking on it. When you click on the File first time, OneDrive will automatically convert it to an online Microsoft Office document format and open it in an online presentation editor. You can view inside the PPT or PPTX File by using Microsoft online presentation editor. 


Open PPTX File on Windows:

You can also open a PPTX file on Windows operating system easily and quickly by using Microsoft OneDrive presentation by import and editing capabilities. Follow the given steps to open a PPTX file On Windows:


● Open a browser and navigate to Microsoft OneDrive by typing into the browser address bar. Either Log in or Sign up to open your account and then a OneDrive interface will load. Search for a place where you want to place your PPT or PPTX file. Click on the “Upload” button and select a file you want to upload and click “Open.” You can also view what is inside the PPT or PPTX File by using Microsoft online presentation editor. You can also convert this File to a different format from the online presentation editor menu. This will display the dialogue box, and from this dialogue, you can save the document in OpenDocument format and then download it as PDF or as images or download a copy of the document with your changes in PPTX format.



PPTX File Format

PPTX files are store information in compressed format. Presentational is an archive with information stored in ZIP file format with multiple subfolders that contain XML files with presentation data, metadata, and attachment files like images, etc. Uncompressing PPTX file is easy, and for uncompressing this File, you have to change its file extension to ZIP and extract this ZIP file contents.



How to Convert a PPTX File

● You can easily transform your PPTX file to another file format by opening the File in the program and then re-save it a different format by using File> Save as an option.


● You can convert PPTX files fastly by an online file converter like Zamzar. The PPTX file extensions/formats can also be converted into PDF, ODP, PPT, and in many image formats like JPG, TIFF, PGN, and GIF.


● A PPTX file can also be modified to Google Slides format. Upload your File to Google Drive through the upload menu. Just click on the File in Google Drive and then click Open with Google Slides to convert it. After converting the PPTX file into Google Slides, then you can open it there in your Google account.


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