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Open PSD file & how to open it on mac/window?

psd filesA PSD file is used mainly in Adobe Photoshop for saving the data as the default format. it is a layered image file that is used by the Adobe Photoshop .PSD, which is known as photoshop document. PSD file is the proprietary file that allows the users to work with the images, individual layers also even when the file is been saved. File shaving the file extension .PSD is known as Adobe Photoshop Document Files. Some PSD files include just one single image. The basic use of the PSD file is saving the data but most commonly its use is a lot much more than just storing the image file. They support pictures, objects, text, vector paths, transparency, etc.


                      In a complete image, photoshop allows the user to flatten the layers and convert that image file int many other different file formats like.JPG, GIF, TIFF  and lot more so that the file can be shared. Once the PSD image or file is been converted into some other file format whatever it is then it will not be able to convert back into the PSD file and hence the user will not be allowed to work with the layers of the image. This is important to note down while converting the PSD file.


How to convert



  1. Choose the file and select the Save As button
  2. In the JPG dialog box make the additional settings given in it.
  3. And then click on the OK button.


open psd file



  1. Include all the key components of PSD design :

To start with the conversion process, you just need to have PSD design. assure that it has been created in photoshop layers as this will help to choose the correct things at the correct time without having the photoshop slice tool.

  • Grab your tools :

Converting website design from PSD to HTML needs a  clear understanding and expertise in front and development. This encompasses, but it is not only limited to, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and javascript.

  • Get the PSD file ready for conversion:

once you are done with your PSD design and the conversion tools, you need to create a directory folder that will contain images directory for images and /js directory for javascript.

  • Start with a simple starter layout:

To start with building the HTML  layout, it is very important to analyze the design first by considering the photoshop layout and identifying the unique sections.

  • Work on each section broadly to mark up the HTML:

Next, to mark up the HTML, you need to have focused more on individual sections such as the header, slider, service, media, background, widget, client, and footer.


How to open PSD file without photoshop

  1. IrfanView(Windows only)
  2. In Irfanview firstly open the file menu
  3. Tap the open command
  4. Then browse your PSD file, select it and then click on the open button
  5. Now the file is been displayed in the Irfanview to make the changes according to your need or requirement.
  6. Then again open the file menu and click on Save As button.
  7. Select the file format according to you from the drop-down menu of Save As.
  8. And the new image file will be saved in the original folder where the older PSD file was saved.
  9. GIMP(Windows,macOS, and Linux)
  10. Download GIMP and install
  11. Once the downloading is the complete open file  menu
  12. Tap on the open command
  13. Browse your PSD file on which you want to work and then click the open button.
  14. Now when the file gets opened you can retouch, edit, create additional layers to it inside the GIMP.
  15. Then if you want to convert it into another file formats like JPG, TXT, TIFF, etc  open the file menu again.
  16. Then click on the Export As command.
  17. Then select the export file type in the select export window and click the Export button.
  18. And the file is converted
  19. PhotoPea(An online solution)
  20. After reaching the site of PhotoPea, open the file menu
  21. Click the open command
  22. Navigate the file you wish to open and then click the open button
  23. This will upload the file to the site
  24. You can filter, edit or masks to it from PhotoPea.


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