What is RPT file and how to open it?

What is RPT file

open rpt file

RPT file is the content file that contains a report which is produced by different applications like archive planning project or system utilities. RPT files are ordinarily message based files however they can likewise store the data in a sole exclusive binary configuration. These files are made for use with Microsoft visualV6. These files incorporate information from numerous other distinctive database sources. Clients looked for and channel the information put away in these RPT files that can be opened using a Sap precious crystal reports are Microsoft visual studio.

A file having the RPT file extension is typically the sort of report file yet to realize how to open it totally relies upon the program that uses the various applications may use the reports having the .rpt postfix, for example, a portion of the RPT files are called as precious crystal report files that are made with the Sap crystal reports program. The information contained by these reports might be started from a wide range of databases and is most presumably completely sortable and intuitive with the precious crystal reports of threat.

Another report file format that uses the RPT suffix is known as Account edge report files which are made with the Account Edge Pro Software. These reports are helpful in accounting and payroll to sales and inventory. The rest of the RPT files maybe just the plain text files that are excepted in a wide range of reporting applications.  The crystal report application users save the project output files in the RPT file format that are commonly known as Report files. These files contain an inclusive data which is entered by the users. These inclusive pieces of information or data are associated with crystal reports project are gathered at the time when the user opens an RPT file by the application so that the user can view and make the editing or modification to the output file using the rule and functions that are provided by the crystal reports program. The crystal report application is further classified into two categories and that is.

  1. Data management
  2. Reporting software for business oriented purposes


Software that will open, convert, fix RPT files –

  1. Windows
  2. Sage ACT
  3. Seagate crystal reports 


The four best ways to open an RPT files

rpt file

Method 1:- Pick the right program

Start the process of opening the RPT files by choosing the right program in which you wanted to open your RPT file.

Some of the most common programs that are used to open an RPT file are as follows-

  1. Report
  2. Crystal report output files (crystal decisions)
  3. The true net print template file
  4. Visual basic crystal report file
  5. Team quest view report syntax


Method 2:- Note the file type

Other programs can be able to open your RPT file only if they are aware of the file type you are using. If any of the programs are not able to find the file type you can just check out its type from the file properties.

  • On Windows PC, you just need to tap on the right click on the file and then to properties then look under the type of file.
  • On a computer, tap the right click on the file and then go to more info and later under that click on the kind.


Method 3:- Ask the developer

This is the easiest way to open an RPT file. You don’t have to perform any of the function, you just need to get information about the software developer relating to that RPT file format and program and just contact them. Some of them are listed below:-

                          SOFTWARE                             DEVELOPER


Method 4:- Use a universal file viewer

This is that method which is used when all of the other methods of opening an RPT file or any other file format. A universal file viewer is the best way to open an RPT file. Programs like File magic can open any type of file format.

rpt file viewer


Is your file still doesn’t open?

The basic problem when an RPT file is not opening is a simple fact that you don’t have an RPT file, just double-check the file extension and assure yourself that it reads.RPT and not something similar. Usually, the same spelled file extension has nothing to do with each other and that’s why they are not allowed to work with the same software. It is really easy to get confused file extension when you are dealing with RTP files.


How to convert RPT file

If the crystal report viewer program is installed in your computer you can use the file>export current section menu to save the crystal report RPT file to XLS which is an excel file format, PDF and RTF.

Microsoft SQL that is server management studio as also able to convert an RPT file to CSV for use of the excel as well as other similar programs, this can be performed in the program by the Query method, in which you need to go on Query menu then on the options > Results > Text. Change the format of the output and then run the query with the Unicode save with encoding option to export the file.

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