Open FLAC file & how to open it in mac/window?

What is FLAC file?

A FLAC fingerprint file is in a plain text file, which is usually called the ffp.txt that is used to store the filename and checksum information that consists of a specific FLAC file. Sometimes these files are created along with a FLAC file. A FLAC file reduces its size of the digital audio  60 percent approximately, and also it is the most supported format amongst all the popular platforms. The Xiph.Org foundation develops the FLAC file format.

How to open a FLAC file?

Method 1:- By the help of FLAC supporting software

  • Firstly install the software on your computer that supports the FLAC file to open.


Method 2:- By playing FLAC files with the windows media player

  • Play the FLAC files with the windows media player by using a Directshow filter.


Method 3:- By Opening the FLAC file

  • Open the file in VLC Player or foobar 2000 or the windows media player.


Simple ways to open a FLAC file if these steps do not work for you.

The FLAC file extension is used by the different file types as well as the various applications; some times, it becomes very difficult to find out which of the program is to be used. So when you need to open a FLAC file, firstly start with by just double-tapping on it, and if it does not open your file or you may find out any of the error messages, just follow with these simple procedures.

Step 1:- Using various Software applications

What is the problem if you are not able to open the FLAC file by double-tapping on the file? This is all because you don’t have the correct application on your computer. What you need to do is start installing some of the standard applications that are associated with opening these FLAC files. This software is easily applicable to the website of the developer.


Step 2:- Use File Type as a clue

FLAC files are generally original files that look for a particular program that opens, especially these file types. If you are not sure about the file type, you need first to understand the type of the file within the FLAC file itself. Follow these simple steps:

On Windows

  • Right-click on the icon of the file;
  • select the “Properties” command from the drop-down.
  • Search type of file

On macOS

  • Right-click on the icon of the file
  • Choose more info option
  • Browse the file type mentioned under “ Kind.”


Step 3:-Ask Developer

When you are unable to open the FLAC file after all the possible measures, the last method is to contact the developer of a specific software  only the developer can help you in finding the best advice for sure to open the FLAC file  


Step 4:- Using Universal file viewer

Last but not least, even if the developer is unable to help you out in opening a FLAC file. Without striking any thoughts in your mind reach out to the Universal File Viewer like File Magic that can support any file format and it will easily open up your file(No matter in which file format it is), but you need to keep this in mind that some files are incompatible so they will still get opened but in binary format

How to convert FLAC file?

Step 1:- Visit the official site of Online Audio Converter

Step 2:-  choose your FLAC file that is to be converted

Step 3:- Next is to select your format, quality level, and edit the settings.

Step 4:-  press the convert button and save your file.


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