Open APK File – How to open it?

How to Open APK File?

apk files

Open APK File represents the Android Application Package. It is the package file arrangement utilized by the Android working system for the sharing and establishment of uses. APK files are like some other programming packages like APPX in Microsoft Windows or Deb packages in Debian-based working frameworks like Ubuntu. To make an APK file, a program is first complied, and afterward the entirety of its parts are package into one file. All new application are available on google play store. You can download it from there, all application are tested or safe with malware.

How to fix APK installation error on Windows?

Here we are mentioned some common errors, which is occur when apk was installed in window.

Update drivers:-

Follow these steps to update drivers in window:

  • Right-click Start and open device Manager.
  • Grow Portable gadgets.
  • Right-click on your gadgets and Update the driver.

update apk driver

Corrupt documents:-

The corrupt documents that you download odin will consistently be the fundamental issue. They will make the mistake happen. So ensure that you download the documents from a valid and confided in source. Continuously check the remarks segment and tune in to what in particular individuals are stating about the document. On the off chance that the remarks are agreeable to the file don’t spare a moment to download it from json file viewer. Some of the time infection assault on the file additionally adulterates it which turns into a cerebral pain frequently. To check the defiled file, check it’s properties. It will have a little size when contrasted with the first size. It implies that a portion of the information is absent from that document.

corrupt apk file

Incapacitate Instant Run:-

  • Open the File alternative.
  • Select Settings.
  • Pick Build, Execution, Deployment.
  • Select Instant Run.
  • Uncheck the Enable Instant Run to hot trade code/asset changes on send (default empowered) box.

Different Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • Erase android secure file from your SD Card.
  • Reboot the telephone and even evacuate the battery if conceivable.
  • Uninstall every single past variant of the application or applications with a similar likeness right now introduced on your gadget.
  • Expel the SD card and furthermore don’t interface your gadget to a PC while you introduce the apk.
  • Let loose some space, uninstall pointless applications.

Rebuild the task:

android studio
  • Open Android Studio.
  • Snap on Build.
  • Snap Clean venture.
  • At long last, click Rebuild venture.

Run Invalidate stores/restart:

  • Pick the File alternative.
  • Select Invalidate restart.
  • Snap Invalidate and restart.

How to Open APK File?

APK files can be opened on different operating systems, but mostly used on Android devices.

apk file error

Open APK File On Mac OS:

Google Chrome have the extension that is used for the testing Android applications for the Chrome OS, however it works at any OS. This means you can open an APK on your Mac or Windows PC in as much as you have this application introduced inside the Chrome program. So with the assistance of this, you can introduce apk on Mac OS.

Here are some application that opens APK files in Mac-

  • Google Android SDK
  • Apple Archive Utility
  • Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 16
  • Genymotion
  • BlueStacks
  • NoxPlayer Nox

Open APK File On Android:

open apk file on android If you need to open an APK file on your Android gadget, you probably won’t have the option to introduce immediately on account of security reasons. To remove this limitation for installing APK files from unknown sources. First you have to go to the Settings and click on Security and afterward put a check in the box by Unknown sources. Perhaps you need to confirm this action with an OK.

Application that opens APK files in Android: Google Android

open apk file on android

Open APK File On Windows:

You can open an APK file by using BlueStacks on PC. For example, on the off chance that you are using the BlueStacks, at that point go into the My Apps tab, and now pick the Install apk from the bottom right corner of the window.

Open APK File On IOS Device:

You can’t open APK on an iOS gadget (iPhone, iPad, and so on.) legitimately in light of the fact that the file is worked in a totally unexpected way in comparison to applications used on those gadgets, and as the two stages are not perfect with one another.

apk on ios

APK file on ios-

You have to try Emulator like bluestacks to run android apps on ihpone. This will to work the same as windows. First you have to install the emulator on your iPhone for installing APK’sAPK’s.

Since APK files are basically archives of quantities of folders and files, you can unzip them with the assistance of a program like 7-Zip or PeaZip to see the various parts that make up the application.

Doing that, however, doesn’t let you use the APK file on a PC. To do as such, you require an Android emulator (like BlueStacks), which for the most part helps in running the Android operating system on the PC.

Convert the APK File?

In spite of the fact that a file conversion is normally important to change over one file type into another, they are not remarkably helpful when managing the APK files. This is on the grounds that an Android application package file is an application that is inferred to run on some particular gadgets just, dissimilar to the next file types like MP4s, MP3s, or PDFs that work on different stages.

convert apk file

Or maybe, on the off chance that you are required to change over your APK file into the ZIP, you would use the guidelines we have talked about above. Possibly you open the APK file in a file extraction device and then repackage it as a ZIP or just rename the.APK document to.ZIP.

Different files like this are not how you convert this file. It will just work on account of APK files since this file group is now using the ZIP, however it’sits simply appending an alternate file extension (.APK) as far as possible.

APK File Converter:

As we have just mentioned above, you can’t change over an APK file to IPA for use on iOS, nor would you be able to change over APK to EXE to use the Android application in Windows.

convert apk

With respect to the APK to EXE converter, introduce a Windows APK opener as we have talked about above and afterward use it for opening the Android application on your PC; it doesn’t require to exist in the EXE file design for that to work.

You can change over your APK file to BAR likewise for using on a BlackBerry device by simply transferring the APK file to the Good tablet. Stop for the conversion to complete and then download the BAR file back to your PC.

Convert the .exe file into a .apk document?

Convert a .exe record into a .apk document by utilizing EXE to APK Converter or by utilizing an INNO extractor.

  • Using EXE to APK Converter
  • Run .exe record on Android Device

APK File Extension

File Type             Android Package File

Developer           Google

Popularity           4.4 (95789 Votes)

Category              Executable Files

Format                 Zip

Tools To Open APK Files:







Process to make your First APK with the Cordova CLI

Apache Cordova is a phenomenal choice for engineers who as of now have a web application and need to port it to the distinctive versatile stages, or simply need to have a reliable way of making cross-stage portable web applications.


This blog is the first in a series to acquaint you with Cordova, and how to make various kinds of portable applications utilizing standard web advancements. In this post, we will cover Cordova nuts and bolts and the requirements for your advancement climate. The accompanying post will dive into subtleties on the most proficient method to make your first application, and afterward to distribute the subsequent APK in Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

In a forthcoming site, I’ll discuss Photon Storm’s Phaser, which is one of the most confided in structures for creating proficient quality 2D games in JavaScript. With Phaser, it’s plausible to make performant games that run as expected in all significant portable working frameworks, while just keeping one codebase. Furthermore, you can depend on the colossal JavaScript people group to continue to make libraries that you can undoubtedly coordinate in your games.

What is a Mobile Web App?

How about we begin taking a look at what is a versatile web application: with regards to this post, we will allude to applications for cell phones that require just a Web program to be introduced on the cell phone. They generally use HTML and Ajax, however are not composed explicitly for one versatile working framework.

apk codova

Portable web applications vary from versatile local applications, in that they use Web innovations and are not restricted to the basic stage for the organization. This will provide you with the benefit of making cross-stage applications utilizing innovations that you might be acquainted with in your front-end projects, and the capacity to get to a wide exhibit of libraries and famous systems.

What is Cordova?

A regular test looked at by versatile application designers is to accomplish strong help of however many portable customers as would be prudent, and everyone can have its arrangement of characteristics and disadvantages. This, unmistakably, builds expenses and improvement time. That is the reason cross-stage advancement instruments like Cordova are so generally utilized and upheld.

Cordova is a stage utilized for building versatile applications with standard web innovations, to be specific HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Consider Cordova a compartment that associates your web applications with local versatile functionalities through a brought-together JavaScript API. Web applications don’t approach local portable functionalities of course, and that is the issue that Cordova was made to address. Cordova interfaces the universe of web application improvement and cell phones, making crossover portable applications that can utilize the camera, geolocation, document framework, and other local versatile capacities.

codova apk

Features of Cordova:

  1. Easy to learn: If you are a front-end designer, Cordova has a simple expectation to learn and adapt. You can without much of a stretch apply your abilities as a web engineer, and information on standard web innovations, to construct an application with Cordova. All you truly need is to become familiar with a smidgen about the order line instruments and you will be running with Cordova in the blink of an eye.
  2. Access to Native Functionalities: With Cordova, you will approach local gadget capacities, like the camera, message pop-ups, contacts, geolocation, accelerometer, SMS, and others.
  3. Open Source: Anyone can add to Cordova’s source code to improve it. This additionally gives it a strong benefactor base that is making custom modules and fixing bugs.
  4. Cross-stage advancement: Cordova arranges your application into a bundle record, which is needed by most application stores. This implies that applications made with Cordova can undoubtedly be sent to the portable working framework your picking. In case you’re sending it to Android, Cordova makes an APK (Android Application Package) record. This is the document that we will make in this blog entry.


Introducing Node.js

We’ll manage absolutely JavaScript (and maybe a smidgen of HTML) through this post, so all you want to introduce physically is Node.js. This will give you the hub and NPM executables on your framework.

To introduce Node.js you can go to their authority website and download the most recent variant accessible for your working framework.

  • On Mac you can download the installer from the authority page:
  • On Windows is only simpler to download the right installer:
  • And afterward, adhere to the directions:

It might provoke you to introduce more fundamental instruments.

Introducing Cordova

When Node.js is introduced, download the Apache Cordova order line by running this order in your terminal/order brief. The Cordova module will naturally be downloaded by the NPM utility.

  • On Windows you should open your order shell and type:
  • On Mac and Linux open your terminal and type:

You might be provoked to type your working framework secret key, and after that, you should see the establishment improvement in your order or terminal window.

The – g banner in the order above is required so NPM introduces Cordova worldwide. If you don’t utilize this choice, Cordova will be introduced uniquely for your current working index.

After the establishment is finished, you can type Cordova on the order line and it should show the primary assistance for the Cordova CLI.

That is it for now. In the following post, we’ll talk more with regards to utilizing this apparatus.

Complete Process to Convert Website into APK

The vast majority of you may be feeling that proceeding with the site is all that you require to be on the web. This is generally because you have missed the genuine benefits of building an App. Allow me to disclose to you especially what you will get after you convert your site to APK.

convert website

Present and Future-

This is the most awesome aspect of having a portable application. You are setting up your internet-based business for the future by getting your site changed over into an application. There are concentrates on which say that there will be around 6.1 billion cell phone clients by 2020. This opens up opportunities for you to expand your business through versatile applications. Taking the present condition the cell phone infiltration is up to 56%. furthermore, that much is your expected clients. Taking your site to application assists you with meeting up the pattern in innovation.

Make it simple for the clients

Individuals heft around their cell phones with them. In case there is your application in it, clients can gain admittance to it regardless of their area. You may be pondering sites can be additionally gotten to utilizing cell phones. Indeed, it is conceivable, yet the clients should open their programs and quest for your site. This is anything but a decent choice assuming you need to hold your clients. A site opening on the cell phone won’t have a local vibe + worth recall except if it is What’s more, this is the reason versatile applications are consistently the most ideal choice. They are fast and perform well when contrasted with the site.

Builds client commitment and maintenance

When the clients leave their site, it is difficult to cause them to return to your site. Thus does to draw in the current clients is quite precarious. Portable applications are known for their client commitment and maintenance. At the point when the clients leave the application, then, at that point, you can send a versatile message pop-up that can make the clients reconnect with the application. The effortlessness to utilize applications and the local feel is the most cherished element of versatile applications. What’s more, that is the thing that keeps your clients returning.

Convert Web to APK with Features

1.Quick and gotten

Light APK to stack an application inside a couple of moments. Works with an organization association: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

convert site in apk

2.Social Tabs

Add your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog connections to the App.

3.Message pop-ups

Send message pop-ups with news, request status, extraordinary offers, and limits!

4.Android Support

Appropriate for any adaptation of Google Play. Prepared for Google Play distribution immediately.

Process to Convert a Website to APK

1.Open the Website App Template

Follow the “Make App Now” button. Or on the other hand, visit and discover the Website App format.


2.Supplement the Website interface

Supplement your site interface. Check if you replicated the full location. You can change over your landing page or some other URL on your site to ask now.

3.Add Social tabs

Add connects to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog pages. This way clients will want to get a quick admittance to your social pages. You can undoubtedly avoid this progression and move to the following one.

4.Name your App

Compose the name of your application. Duplicate glue the name of your site or think of a novel, new thing. Remember to add watchwords to make your application more accessible for Android clients.

5.Transfer the Icon

Present your logo or pick the default one. Make it perfect and straightforward.

6.Distribute App on App Markets

You can download your APK document and distribute it on Google Play or some other application store for Android. Offer your application with as numerous clients.

Basic Steps to Convert Your Website into an Android Application:

  • To add the logo of your application.
  • To add a sprinkle screen to your application.
  • To use a Navigation cabinet in our application so that, various entrances of our site can be utilized as pieces in the routed cabinet.
  • To utilize a WebView so that, the web content can be gotten to without any problem.
  • To use WebViewController class with the goal that the substance on the Website can be straightforwardly displayed in the application as opposed to opening it in the program.
  • To add a helpline movement.
web apk

Bit by bit Implementation

Stage 1: Creating another task

  • Open another task.
  • We will be chipping away at Navigation Drawer Activity with language as Java. Leave any remaining choices unaltered.
  • You can change the name of the task whenever the timing is ideal.
  • There will be many default documents.

Stage 2: To add a logo to our application

  • Paste the logo of the program in res > drawable.
  • Follow “How to change the default symbol of Android App” for additional means.

Stage 3: To add Splash Screen to our application

Follow-“Making a Splash Screen” to figure out how to add a sprinkle screen to our application. Test plan of sprinkle screen of our application.

Stage 4: Working with XML records

  • Open format > nav_header_main.xml record to plan the header of our Navigation Drawer. For that utilization the accompanying code in it.
  • After carrying out the above code, the header of the Navigation Drawer resembles this
  • Change the shade of the Action Bar to “#6C6B74” with the goal that it can coordinate with the shading code of the logo of our application and our UI can turn out to be more appealing. If you don’t have a clue how to change the shade of the ActionBar then you can click here to learn it. Open menu > activity_main_drawer.xml document and utilize the accompanying code in it with the goal that we can add diverse items(portals of our site) to our route cabinet and utilize their parts.
  • Go to the format > activity_main.xml and utilize the accompanying code in it.
  • After carrying out the above code plan of activity_main.xml document resembles.
  • Go to the route > mobile_navigation.xml record and utilize the accompanying code in it with the goal that we can indicate the title and mark of our online interfaces and can undoubtedly utilize them in java documents.
  • Now it’s an ideal opportunity to embed WebView in every one of the sections – Open fragment_home, fragment_gallery, fragment_slideshow XML documents and utilize the code individually.
  • Now we need to make another Activity named “help”. So that, the application client can get data to take help from the specialist organization. Go to design > right-click > new > movement > Empty Activity.
  • Put the name of the movement as indicated by your choice(name utilized in this application-“help”). Open design > activity_help.xml and utilize the accompanying code in it.
  • After carrying out the above code, the plan of the activity_help.xml document resembles this.

Stage 5: Working with java documents

  • Create another java class as displayed underneath and name it as “WebViewController”
  • Use the accompanying code in the record so that code to utilize the URL of a site can be executed.
  • Open HomeFragment, GalleryFragment, SlideshowFragment java records and utilize the code individually.

Presently all of our work is done and the last work is to interface the assistance movement to the skimming button in our application with the assistance of goal in the record. Utilize the accompanying code to do as such.

Also you have to visit for more option How to open MBOX file, How to open PAGES file, ITHMB file, AHK file, Open TGC

List of File extension: